Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount to us and as such it we strive to ensure their confidence in our products.  As such, it is important that when customers purchase collectibles from us that they know exactly what they are getting.  That is why we endeavor to take photographs that show the items as they actually are which includes any flaws that might exist.  Customers should always closely examine product photos before making a commitment to purchase.  We also mention in the product description any noteworthy flaws beyond the normal wear & tear that we notice.  

In addition to taking accurate photographs of our collectibles we use the “Condition Scale” or “C” Scale to rate the condition of our collectibles.  Although, this scale can be fairly subjective we are fairly consistent with our assessments.   The following is our approach to the “C” scale:

Mint (10) - AKA (M, Fine, Mint-In-Box [MIB]:  The item including packaging is in perfect condition.  There is no color fading or discoloration; no tears, holes, scratches, stains, or writing on the item or package.  It should be unopened.   There should be no fraying, separation, curling, bends on the edges or corners of the package.  There should be no shelf-wear.   The plastic window or bubble should be completely intact with no separation from the package.  It should be clear with no yellowing, dings, creases or scratches of any kind.  Note:  “Mint” is extremely rare.  Even items shipped directly from the manufacturer often have issues.  As such, we almost never assign this rating.

Near Mint (9) – AKA (NM, Near fine, Like-New): This rating is for items that are in perfect condition but the original packaging may be missing or has some quality issues.  It may have been used but appears to be brand new. 

Excellent (8)  -  AKA (EX): The item has been used but not to the extent it has resulted in any obvious damage or wear & tear on the item.  There may be some very minor issues that are not apparent without close examination.    In some cases, the wear may be a result of the aging process and be quite desirable.   In other cases, there may be minor issues that occurred during the manufacturing process.  This can often increase the value of the product due to the rarity factor.

Very Good (7) – AKA (VG):  The item looks good but has been well used with some minor issues such as minor color fading, chips, blemishes that are easily noticed but the product is in otherwise very good condition.

Good (6) – ASA (G):   This item has been well used and there are significant issues such as with color, cracks, dents, dings, broken or missing parts.  It might make a good restoration project.

Poor (5) – AKA (P):   This item is so severely damaged that it can’t be repaired or restored and as a result has little to no collectible value.  It may however be used for parts in a restoration project.

Note:  In cases where a product in our shop does not have a product rating indicated, the item can be assumed to be in “Excellent” condition but you should closely examine the photographs.  Don’t forget you can always contact with any question(s) you might have about the product.

Money Back Guarantee:  If you receive an item that is not reflective of the photographs or you disagree with our rating of the item you may return the item to us for a complete refund of the product price.  See our refund policy for more details.