Starting a Collection
Many new collectors usually the type of items they wish to collect but don't know where to start. Collecting can be an expensive hobby if you jump into it right away and collect only those items that are in mint condition particularly if they are in a competitive market such as soft drink advertising where everyone is searching for that perfect piece. Even when a rare piece is found the price is way out of reach for many new collectors.

One strategy that is often used by new collectors to grow their collection is to start with items that are not in mint condition. Then if they find one in better condition later they can sell or trade the initial piece. There is also the option of restoring less than perfect collectibles. There are many videos available online that show how to do this.

Vintage Tonka trucks are a great example. Some collectors specialize in old metal Tonka trucks that in rough shape to restore. It's a great way to increase a collection or even make some money reselling them.
Collecting tip